DiSARM - Disease Surveillance And Risk Monitoring
Data-driven decision making platform for malaria elimination
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DiSARM is a spatial intelligence tool, built to enable disease control programs to deliver more effective field campaigns. The platform combines an interface used to pull together, collect and visualize data with a powerful back-end analytics engine to convert raw data into actionable information.

The platform is currently being used by malaria programs in four countries in southern Africa to help plan, execute and monitor indoor residual spraying campaigns.


Using data on locations of historic malaria cases, programs can generate risk maps using climate and satellite data to identify the specific locations where interventions will have greatest impact. Using bespoke machine learning algorithms, teams can predict the locations of residential - and therefore sprayable - buildings and task field teams to target areas where they can record their activities on mobile devices. By syncing with the cloud, field activities can be monitored in real-time, allowing refinement of strategy and course correction.


Screenshot of DiSARM showing risk of malaria in Matabeleland South province in Zimbabwe (left). For confidentiality reasons, elevation is shown rather than risk. In the field, teams can access offline maps of buildings tasked to them (right) and fill in data using offline forms.

The DiSARM team are currently exploring extending the platform for use in other malaria activities, such as distribution of mosquito nets and foci management, as well as other non-malaria field campaigns, such as vaccination and mass drug administration programs.