DiSARM Application

The DiSARM app is a spatial intelligence tool that supports disease control programs in carrying out intervention field campaigns in a more efficient and accurate way. While the DiSARM app requires a network connection to access and sync data collected from the field, the app can run offline on any device with a web-browser (desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone). In its current form, the DiSARM app is being used to implement insecticide residual spray campaigns in southern Africa.

Planning Field Campaigns

Disease control programs can use the DiSARM app to plan field campaigns based on the level of risk within a given country. Geographic areas can be assigned to individual field teams allowing for optimal implementation efficiency and tracking. The DiSARM app provides actionable statistics related to the number of residential structures contained within an assigned area, negating the need for expensive and time consuming surveys. The app also provides estimates the number of human resources, commodities, and time required to successfully complete the campaign.

Collecting Data

Field teams can use the DiSARM app to enter data at specific GPS points, such as households, structures, and breeding sites. Digitizing the data collection process reduces errors and provides teams in the field and at headquarters with rapid access to data. This allows for a more coordinated and integrated approach to collecting and sharing data among teams.

Monitoring Progress

The DiSARM app allows users to visualize and monitor progress of field teams in near real-time using a dashboard of maps, charts, and tables. Users can view progress summary statistics by geographic area and field team assignments enhancing accountability. This live view of intervention coverage not only provides the opportunity for real-time course correction, but removes the need for expensive and time-consuming postseason coverage surveys.