Built prototype of mobile, offline risk maps
May, 2016

After we built some of the initial kind of risk maps for each country. We took one static risk map for both Swaziland and Zimbabwe and built a tiny little demonstration app that loads up through a website.

The point is to let the user take the risk map offline. On relatively modern android devices, just by opening the website it will start to save all of the map content onto the device. This means even if the user closes the browser, turns of the device, runs out of mobile data or puts it into airplane mode, the app will still be able to display the content as if it were still connected onto the internet.

The feedback the DiSARM Team got back from presenting this prototype suggested that this feature will be very useful, as internet access isn’t as reliable as it should be. In Swaziland, many areas have no access to the mobile network, and in most cases the network itself isn’t stable enough. Having this feature available for NMCP workers to use will ensure progressive activity at all times.

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