Building the 'Core interface'
June, 2016

The Core interface is designed to let users start to view and explore the outputs from DiSARM’s processing. It initially focuses on the risk maps, and includes some examples of simple analysis.

It relies on the outputs from the processing pipeline, which performs spatio-temporal modelling on case data and other inputs, to predict risk of malaria cases in time and space..

The Core interface has the ability to combine anonymous case surveillance data , with satellite derived environmental and climatological variables, and other relevant data layers, to produce visual maps of the research and development exercise in question, in near real time in a fully automated way.

It is not designed to deliver any specific use-case itself, but rather as a tool to demonstrate what kind of outputs it can produce, and to help the DiSARM team learn about needs from users.

The tool can be integrated with any disease surveillance system, particularly those that require smart incorporation of external data, allowing decision-making to be based on a holistic set of indicators rather than exclusively on data collected on the effects of the disease itself.

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