Clicker + Dashboard
November, 2016

The point behind the clicker up was to demonstrate two things; one of them was to start with a very simple way to collect coordinates of structures which had been sprayed, as well as demonstrate the real time nature of the mobile app.

This was done through the use of traffic light buttons on a mobile web app. The idea of the traffic light buttons is you press green if you were able to get to the structure; orange if there was some degree of uncertainty and red if you could not get to the property and spray it.

The prototype doesn’t have any additional fields, the idea was that this would be the simplest level of data collection that would make sense.

The mobile app requires a live data connection, to be able to demonstrate the real time nature of the prototype. The team integrated the mobile apps interface with an administration panel which was a map that recorded and displayed the coordinates generated from each click of any of the traffic light buttons. Every single time the user would press a button it popped up live on the map where that coordinate came from. The map assumed that each coordinate point generate from each click was a separate structure. It would then recalculate the structures known about verses the ones that were sprayed and verses the one that weren’t sprayed on every single.

This is useful for managers or administrators monitoring IRS activity in any given area of interest, allowing effective collaboration of efforts between field workers as well office workers.

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