Developing foci mapper
November, 2016

Foci investigation was identified earlier on as one of the potential use cases for DiSARM. After our initial focus on IRS, we were invited to attend a National Foci Planning Meeting in Zimbabwe, Matabeleland South, together with other provinces focusing on the elimination stage of malaria. Where the Malaria program is focused on the control of malaria, the foci approach is not appropriate.

The National Malaria Control Programme at that time was looking to develop a set of guidelines for their National Policy. The DiSARM Team was to play an observer role and from that deduce the needs and put together a paper-based prototype.

The team was able to validate that this paper-based prototype with the Clinton Health Access Initiative in Swaziland and Zimbabwe as well as the National Malaria Control Programme in Swaziland. The validation process highlighted the need for it, approach and overall workflow.

The team is currently developing the first iterations of a mobile app foci mapper, whose functional aim is to remove technical barriers to NMCP offices being able to use data in their day-to-day work. This covers desktop, tablet and mobile devices at National level, district health units as well as health posts.

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