Gearing up for 2018 IRS season in Botswana
June, 2018

In June 2018, The DiSARM team attended an Indoor residual spraying (IRS) tool review and training in Botswana. There were a range of users represented, including the Chobe District Health Management Team (DHMT) leader who is the main end user of Monitor module, Chobe Spray Team Leaders (the main end users of Collect) and Tutume DHMT head. The tool review was lead by a representative of CHAI with support from four colleagues.

Two tools were reviewed and DiSARM was chosen to be used for IRS activities in Botswana because of its capability to perform the tasks they need it to i.e. record data, visualise it with ability to track work progress.

The trip allowed the DiSARM team to collect a lot of useful feedback by talking to end users. In particular, users wanted the ability to search records more easily. We therefore implemented a mechanism to search by household head name rather than record ID.

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