DiSARM collaborates on new spatial intelligence tool, Reveal
April, 2019

In collaboration with Akros, Ona, and CHAI, the MEI DiSARM Project is supporting the development of a new spatial intelligence tool called Reveal.

Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Reveal is a geospatial platform designed to manage household-level interventions, including IRS, LLIN distribution, focus investigation, RACD, and MDA, to ensure accurate and effective coverage. Expanding on the approach and technology of its predecessor, mSpray, Reveal is built on select functionality components of the DiSARM Application, OpenSRP, and mSpray and integrates with health management information systems, such as DHIS2. The platform contains both web and mobile components; the web-interface provides users with DiSARM’s planning and prioritizing capabilities to plan campaigns. DiSARM’s monitoring and management tools including a customizable dashboard will also be available through Reveal to ensure maximum campaign effectiveness. Reveal’s mobile application also incorporates OpenSRP household monitoring, originally developed for frontline health workers, and mSpray’s mobile functionality, offline sync support, built-in decision-making protocols, and spatial navigation. Users will be able to access DiSARM’s algorithms through the Reveal tool including the DiSARM “building cluster” algorithm and a “population extractor.” The MEI DiSARM team is supporting the piloting of Reveal in southern Africa and the Greater Mekong Subregion by sharing their experience in developing digital tools for disease elimination and building geospatial algorithms which can be accessed via the DiSARM API.

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